Spiritual Tools to Deal with Difficult People

A “Peace Resides Within” Transformative Workshop

olive_leafSaturday, date and location to be determined, from 9 am-5 pm, $133 investment

We all have difficult people in our personal and professional lives who challenge us to respond from a greater place of compassion and clarity. My mother was one of those people and her name was Pansy. So, who’s your “Pansy?”

Embrace the Change and Set Yourself Free!

It has been said that the most difficult and challenging relationships are the ones that bring about the greatest changes in our lives—whether we want it or not. Forgiveness is for ourselves and a step in the direction of our dreams and healthier relationship choices.

My mom, Pansy

My mom, Pansy.

We can leave an employer, but can we leave our family? I did. For years I consciously placed my mother on the shelf in the closest and locked the door. It was just too much pain and energy to be in the drama. At one of those moments of dis-ease in my life, I intentionally went to the door and took my mom off the shelf and began to travel the Compassionate Journey to my Heart. I re-mythed the story of my relationship with my mother, bringing a deep understanding of what was really taking place. And, you can do the same.

This workshop is life altering – a real game changer.

You will learn new ways of seeing all your relationships, with forms of communicating and problem solving. You will learn the “soft eyes” approach and how to effectively apply it. You will be at peace and free at last!

We will explore and learn ways to:

  • Listen compassionately and to see with soft eyes
  • Establish boundaries and say “no thanks”
  • Enlist the help of the “monkey theory”
  • Embrace forgiveness for ourselves
  • Recognize and release the tribal/family expectations
  • Honor beliefs and perceptions of others
  • Re-myth our story
  • Practice “for your consideration”
  • “Say YES” to living your authentic life

Your day of transformation includes:
This life-altering, freedom-inducing day includes lunch, tea and coffee. – $133 pre-registration price. At the door on day of event: $150.

What to wear and bring:

  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Yoga mat/pad, blanket and pillow
  • Water bottle with cap closure
  • Chalk, pencils, pens and paper
  • Your dream journal
  • Special snacks/energy foods
  • Small sacred item for the dream altar

Questions? Contact Trinity Sheraden

trinity@peaceresideswithin.com | 503-869-7380 | www.peaceresideswithin.com

Come join us. Be transformed. Find peace within.

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