Testimonials Archive

You Found Me for a Reason

When I met Trinity for the first time, she said “you know you found me for a reason”. From that point forward I have felt a strong spiritual connection with her, each and every time I am in her presence. Meeting Trinity has truly changed my life. I am constantly looking within myself, evaluating what I want, what I need and how I can change myself to be an even better mother, wife, friend, daughter… Then, Trinity invited my to her Spiritual Tools workshop. I have been to many trainings, workshops as it is a core function of my career. Two weeks later I am still absorbing the exercises, experiences and using the tools everyday.

Trinity, I haven’t said this to you, thank you for finding me! I feel we are just beginning and look forward to more spiritual exploration and wouldn’t have anyone else walk my journey with me.

Earth Mother Energy

My experience of Trinity as a group facilitator was wonderful! She is nurturing, confident, genuine, and skilled. Her “earth mother energy” helped me feel safe and supported in a way that allowed me to participate and grow more fully.

Land Blessing Ceremony

Where do I begin to say thank you, to you, and to the gift you gave my husband and me? I still stand in awe of what I experienced, witnessed and beheld while you held ceremony over our land. I will forever be altered, humbled, and filled with emotional gratitude for your gift of sight and intuition. I know you won’t take credit, for you will say ‘it is work done through me and not by me’, but I bore witness to your talents and gifts, so what you did with what came to you and through you, well, it is a humbling I am honored to feel.

My hope for you is that others will have the same opportunity to benefit from your gifts of sight and intuition as we have. That you will step out into the world and shine your light into the darkest corners where healing needs to happen. You have always said that the world will heal when we begin to heal ourselves and you have the gift to help so many.

A Gifted Mentor

Trinity is a gifted mentor.  Not only does she listen deeply and offer insights, she can nudge in a way that is loving and respectful while kicking butt.  That’s why I sought her guidance.  I needed more than hand holding, more than validation.  I wanted to make forever changes, the kind that will support me for the rest of my life.  It felt good to know that someone was companioning me as the path hasn’t been easy.  But it has been rewarding and inspiring.

A Gifted Healer

Trinity is a most enlightened person. She is a gifted healer and a wonderful life mentor. Being in her presence is a delight and life changing. She is full of love and joy.

Loving Inclusivity

I have participated in three book groups Trinity has organized and led. She practices loving inclusivity. She is an inspirational teacher. She assists members to articulate feelings and clarify beliefs. Trinity’s guided meditations are nothing less than inspired. She can transport me to sacred places where I can glimpse divinity.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Trinity is familiar with ceremony and ritual from multiple traditions across time and cultures. In ritual and ceremony, Trinity is very much at home in herself and easily falls into the role of Spiritual guide and leader. Her energy transforms when ceremony begins, when her words and actions take on an aura of other worldliness. As Spirit speaks to and works through her, ritual and ceremony with Trinity open the gateway to the Spirit World, allowing all participants to come home to their deeper most sacred core selves. At this time, Trinity’s knowledge from the material world and the Spirit world combine seamlessly.

Supported in Growth

I have been in several “spiritual circles” where Trinity was the facilitator. One of the processes I enjoyed was how she set the tone for the meetings by calling us to breathe deeply, calling us to go within, and calling us to be open and responsive within the group.

Trinity is one of the most loving people I know. She is a gentle evoker of deep thinking and encourages emotional and spiritual growth. I always look forward to attending one of Trinity’s events because I feel supported and I know my growth will be assured.

Remembering Who I Really Am

I always look forward to learning from Trinity she inspires me to remember who I really am. Discovering how to use what we learn in these Spiritual Sessions to enhance our life and grow every so much more aware. Her meditations are so beautifully done ……. relaxing and yet so inspirational my soul looks forward to the next time. My notes taken from her talented speeches inspire me to write more later describing what I have learned. Some of these are found in my poetry.