Land Blessing Ceremony

Where do I begin to say thank you, to you, and to the gift you gave my husband and me? I still stand in awe of what I experienced, witnessed and beheld while you held ceremony over our land. I will forever be altered, humbled, and filled with emotional gratitude for your gift of sight and intuition. I know you won’t take credit, for you will say ‘it is work done through me and not by me’, but I bore witness to your talents and gifts, so what you did with what came to you and through you, well, it is a humbling I am honored to feel.

My hope for you is that others will have the same opportunity to benefit from your gifts of sight and intuition as we have. That you will step out into the world and shine your light into the darkest corners where healing needs to happen. You have always said that the world will heal when we begin to heal ourselves and you have the gift to help so many.

Land Blessing CeremonyCinda Lonsway
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