You Found Me for a Reason

When I met Trinity for the first time, she said “you know you found me for a reason”. From that point forward I have felt a strong spiritual connection with her, each and every time I am in her presence. Meeting Trinity has truly changed my life. I am constantly looking within myself, evaluating what I want, what I need and how I can change myself to be an even better mother, wife, friend, daughter… Then, Trinity invited my to her Spiritual Tools workshop. I have been to many trainings, workshops as it is a core function of my career. Two weeks later I am still absorbing the exercises, experiences and using the tools everyday.

Trinity, I haven’t said this to you, thank you for finding me! I feel we are just beginning and look forward to more spiritual exploration and wouldn’t have anyone else walk my journey with me.

You Found Me for a ReasonBrandi
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