Rituals and Rites of Passage

Ritual, ceremonies and rites of passage have been written down for eons in the history of many cultures. Whether the ritual was to honor the harvest, Saint or a Croning ceremony to honor a woman transitioning into the role of Wise Woman and Wisdom Keeper, the stories, both written and oral, are plentiful.

Most stories reflect that the Shaman, Priest or Medicine Woman, oversaw the rituals and ceremonies honoring the ancient traditions, directly communicating with Creator through prayer and Earth medicine, using Sacred objects, herbs and more.

When I was guided to the Cherokee Priestess Circle, grandmother told me that had I been raised in the traditional Native environment, I would have been brought to live with the Shaman at an early age in order to learn the ancient medicines and practices and to grow into the role of Medicine Woman for the tribe.

Sacred ceremony, rituals and rites of passage are not something one does out of curiosity but rather, from following guidance and nudges from the heart and soul. The type of ceremony or ritual, location and time all go into determining the financial investment.

The Croning Ceremony may span a period of nine months with monthly meetings, homework and other ceremony. A home, building or property blessing, depends upon the location and size of the group, and requires a clear understanding of your intention.

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I am stepping out and shining my light.

Recently, I had the honor of being asked by a dear friend to perform a spiritual cleansing followed by blessing the property her and her husband own along the pristine and spectacular Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, Washington. They had just finished renovating four (out of seven) houses, which are now, open to the public as vacation rentals. The land, in which these homes are built, exudes a sacred and ancient indigenous energy which is palpable when walking the land.

I could also feel the abuse done to the land and its inhabitants over the generations by people who didn’t value or care for it in a sacred and trusting way. This amazing property, now being honored and loved by the new patrons, called forth a healing and new beginning, and my friend thought to ask me to facilitate this healing.

Fully engaging my intuitive gifts of sight and hearing, combined with my deep spiritual roots and my Cherokee Priestess training, I came onto the property to feel the land under my feet, to make an assessment of the healing needed and appropriate actions to take. We held the vision and prayer intention through such rituals as the throwing of the healing net, to pick up and release all pain, disease, war, famine, weapons and all other imbalances and to safely place them in the arms of Creator for purification and wholing while blessing all that was, is, and will be. With the help of the owner, we initially used traditional cleansing and blessing herbs, and later were called to add in our own mixture of native dried plants, twigs and rose petals from the property. It was a very powerful day, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to honor the land and its indigenous inhabitants of the past and those yet to come by stepping fully into my life purpose.

I felt like I needed to share her thank you letter with you all, to let you know that I am stepping out and shining my light upon and with those who may need these services in the future.

Skamania Coves propertyTrinity,

Where do I begin to say thank you, to you, and to the gift you gave my husband and me? I still stand in awe of what I experienced, witnessed and beheld while you held ceremony over our land. I will forever be altered, humbled, and filled with emotional gratitude for your gift of sight and intuition. I know you won’t take credit, for you will say ‘it is work done through me and not by me’, but I bore witness to your talents and gifts, so what you did with what came to you and through you, well, it is a humbling I am honored to feel.

Your sight and intuition guiding us to the ‘passing of the torch of responsibility to be the stewards of this land’ from Native Chief to my husband, fills me with a combination of a serious question of ‘can we do it?’ to ‘of course we can and we will, we have to’. Becoming the new stewards of this land, to make an oath to care for it and heal it from the neglect and sadness it has experienced, to bring it back to its original sacredness and joy so those who rent our homes will feel the fresh energy and spirit of the Columbia River Gorge, is a responsibility we willingly accept.

My hope for you is that others will have the same opportunity to benefit from your gifts of sight and intuition as we have. That you will step out into the world and shine your light into the darkest corners where healing needs to happen. You have always said that the world will heal when we begin to heal ourselves and you have the gift to help so many.

Thank you my dear friend, with so much love and gratitude,

Cinda Lonsway”

Here is the property I blessed for them: The Resort at Skamania Coves, once in, follow the links to the VRBO site to see pictures of the homes http://www.skamaniacoves.com/


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