Free to be You and Me Beloveds~~~

Terri Cole Whitaker is well known for saying “what you think of me is none of my business.” Think about this for a moment.

A lifelong journey for each of us, arriving at a place of “peace within” gained through surrender from a need to live up to others expectations. We choose to love ourselves first and to live from a place of joy and acceptance knowing everything is always in all ways, perfect and whole and exactly as it is meant to be. We all have quirks, so why not be ourselves? Besides, “everyone else is taken :)”

Someone has to be first in every situation to “go first, by being their authentic and transparent self.” By doing so we energetically give permission to others to do the same, honoring each individual as they manifest their magnificence into the world. We all benefit deeply from this gentle wave of acceptance and empowerment.

In the dance of authenticity, feel the love, Trinity

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