Excerpt from “The Messengers”

You must believe in yourself at all times.  You must never lose faith that you are capable of doing anything in life you choose to do and you must always choose the highest.  It is not enough for you to choose that you must achieve excellence.  For you must believe in yourself enough to accomplish that which others cannot accomplish.

To believe in yourself, you must have courage that exceeds the need for the consideration of courage.  It must be a natural part of your life that avoids any need for decision-making based on whether you have courage to do that which you must.  This must be a belief beyond personal questioning, beyond personal doubt, to a point when it can no longer be considered courage but rather a way of life.  This shall be so, for you will believe in yourself.

You must have character that is beyond criticism and is a permanent part of yourself.  It is not imagined or pretended.  Every moment of your life must be naturally conducted with pride and dignity that cannot be confused with arrogance but recognized with respect. Your character must always contain compassion and concern for others. This concern will be genuine, for you will never lose sight of your background in trying to understand those you have difficulty in identifying with, for they are the majority of the world and the ones that need help the most. You must believe in yourself so that your character never bends, never compromises and is consistent. You must believe in your intellect that no task is beyond your ability to succeed. Your intellect is a gift that you shall not waste and shall not use to its greatest capacity.  You must have the patience and tolerance torealize that others will not always agree with or understand you. But rather than find fault, you shall try harder to reach them, for it shall become your responsibility to serve them.  This is your calling. You cannot question it. You must accept it.

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