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I am She

I am She
Who cradles and rocks you in my arms
I am She
Abundant Mother, loving friend
Whose arms enfold you
Whose lap can hold you
Whose warmth extends
From the roots of my hair
To my delicate fingertips
That massage your frazzled nerves
The palms of my hands
Like dressing on your wounds
I am She
Whose heart is carried within
My bosom, embers glowing
Sparking, within my heart
I am She
Who can look into your eyes
As if you are the only one
In a crowded room
Because I know
Each one of you
Is exquisite and Divine-
A unique expression
A Fibonacci code
Great Spirit spirals to your center
While you emanate love into the world

Love, Terry B.

The Silver Queen of the Crones

Out of the Hobbits’ Ancient Forest
Where the Enchanted trees survived,
Through a ghostly veil of mist
I could see her essence arrive.
I was struck numb by her stature
As her elegant form fast approached
Where I’d been harvesting my pasture
A surreal vision of the Queen of Crones.
I took pause to question my sanity
But I felt and heard her in my bones.
She was Amazing to behold, stunning and very very old;
Wearing silver ankle length angel’s hair
Astride a silver Clydesdale mare,
Wearing a silver cape and silver jewels,
Bearing a silver cup labeled simply “Renewal.”
“How can I pay honor to this vision”
My mind asked without spoken word
And my mind’s eye in turn then heard,
“Drink from this cup, it is the Holy Grail,
It is the Fountain of Youth,
It is the Alchemist’s Ale;
It is the drink of every dream
And it time for You to partake
So your soul can rest forever.”
And so I savored the silver stew, this
Exquisite concoction of witches’ brew;
And I joined the Universe that day.
Now I offer this cup to you.

Drink deeply, Love TB

Winds of change are afoot~~~

Wintery blustery day calling forth the winds of change in our lives. As I walked this morning, I prayed: “I surrender. I choose to partner with you first and foremost in my daily life and to serve you according to your will for me.

I release and let go of all beliefs, behaviors, barriers, blocks, boundaries from the past, present and future, ultimately, right here, right now; all contracts, agreements, covenants made by me, for me or through me, known or unknown to me, are now fulfilled and the gifts embraced.

I choose to open my arms, my heart and my eyes to fully receive now all the gifts, tools and talents that I have ever been and to utilize them in service. I commit to remain focused on the “end result” of what I intend to have happen, releasing “how” it shows up, what it looks like while simultaneously, “acting as if” …and knowing it is already so.

Deep oceans of faith and trust buoy me now and always, in all ways.

Blessings Beloveds~~~Trinity

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The Truth about You

The truth about Goddess/God (insert your name here),

The Universal Divine eminence, the center of all that is, the I AM, is the very same foundational vibration radiating always, in all ways through your magnificence in the world…….you are an exquisite facet of the Divine Diamond………

There is “no anything” not known or available to you right here, right now…..all knowledge, creativity, possibilities and abundance from all time are “pulsing” awaiting your receivership….

Drape yourself in deep gratitude Beloved with the Divine cloak whose threads are woven with your tears of joy as you accept this gifting and release and surrender to the Divine plan for you which is a mirror reflection of your greatest heart’s desire..


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