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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

Pure Potentiality lies ahead, behind us, to the left, to the right and assuredly, within. Deep contemplation resides here.

Actually, isn’t potentiality the golden threads of our Divinity? Woven in and though the very fabric of our DNA while in the Embryonic essence state?

I have come to embrace the potential possibility that as an Embryonic Essence awaiting our arrival on the Earth plane through a human womb, we are gathered around a conference table in Heaven with Creator God Eagle Spirit we are joined by all the Sentient Beings, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Saints, Masters, Avatars, Archangels, etc… who have responsibility for us and we collaboratively decide how best to grow our soul in this incarnation.

Then all our relationships and experiences are set-up, we are granted free will and mwahhh,,,we are born and life unfolds for us. As we get the gift or lesson, all future experiences are shifted and changed to continue with our soul growth.

I didn’t come by this on my own. My brother Carl was killed when he was 19,,,a woman ran a stop sign while talking with her passenger and my brother lost his life. I was very angry and couldn’t understand why God would allow this to happen. My brother was just beginning his life and was such a gentle soul. I was 25 at the time, more than 25 years ago now :)

There came a time of “dis-ease” in my life and I began a journey within that changed my life forever and invited me into my authentic self. Eventually, I attended a Spiritual workshop and a woman approached me and said “she was there for me…she had a message!” My normal response at this point was “whatever God, just whatever!” The outcome,,,a book I was to read. “The Journey Home, the Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels by Kryon.” OMG,,,now my life really changed…I found peace and a way to make sense of life and all the myriad of experiences,,some not so nice.

I recommend the book to all my Spiritual Life Coaching clients, students and friends. I have gifted dozens of them. Suddenly, so much aligned for me,,,my brother’s contract was up. In life and in death, he fulfilled his purpose and had more important work to do now. In his death, we were all deeply effected and as I look back on the landscape of my life, I am amazed at how it all has unfolded. An incredible journey,,,if not for every experience, I wouldn’t be writing this now and I wouldn’t have missed being right here, right now for anything.

I subscribe to the monthly “Science of The Mind” guide to Spiritual Living and was reading ahead :) to January 15th…”Pure Potentiality” is the heading and part of the second paragraph,,,”If I had known that God was depending on me for Its expression, I might have been more creative. I would have been more conscious and known that my gender, race, and economic class were not deterrents at all, etc.” Clearly, my “excuses” would no longer work! What an awakening~~~

A dear friend shared with me last night that she now has the funding to move forward with a project dear to her heart and soul,,,no more excuses, hesitations, fear no longer an option. I believe the quote goes something like , “feel the fear and do it anyway!” In reality, she just needed to get out of her own way and trust and have faith in a Divine Plan for her,,,surrender and ask for help and then open up her arms, heart and eyes to receive it!

‘Tis true for all of us Beloveds~~~Feel the love, Trinity Sheraden

Beyond Behavior~~~time for looking in our mirror

As a small business and spiritual life coach, I often find myself working with individuals who have deeply established patterns and habits which continuously sabotage their, oftentimes, well thought out plans. These individuals feel or sense something isn’t quite right, but the fear of change along with the unknown, leaves them overwhelmed or unclear as to the next step to take.

Our defenses are indeed well honed behaviors which have served us well but “if we want what we have never had then we must do what we have never done.”
So as we move forward into the next phase of our lives, what behavior or habit are you being invited to surrender in order to manifest that which you truly desire in your life? Take the time to take an inventory of your life and bless all of it and then willingly release all that no longer serves you.

Visualizing each of you fully realized~~~feel the love, Trinity

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Winds of change are afoot~~~

Wintery blustery day calling forth the winds of change in our lives. As I walked this morning, I prayed: “I surrender. I choose to partner with you first and foremost in my daily life and to serve you according to your will for me.

I release and let go of all beliefs, behaviors, barriers, blocks, boundaries from the past, present and future, ultimately, right here, right now; all contracts, agreements, covenants made by me, for me or through me, known or unknown to me, are now fulfilled and the gifts embraced.

I choose to open my arms, my heart and my eyes to fully receive now all the gifts, tools and talents that I have ever been and to utilize them in service. I commit to remain focused on the “end result” of what I intend to have happen, releasing “how” it shows up, what it looks like while simultaneously, “acting as if” …and knowing it is already so.

Deep oceans of faith and trust buoy me now and always, in all ways.

Blessings Beloveds~~~Trinity

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The Truth about You

The truth about Goddess/God (insert your name here),

The Universal Divine eminence, the center of all that is, the I AM, is the very same foundational vibration radiating always, in all ways through your magnificence in the world…….you are an exquisite facet of the Divine Diamond………

There is “no anything” not known or available to you right here, right now…..all knowledge, creativity, possibilities and abundance from all time are “pulsing” awaiting your receivership….

Drape yourself in deep gratitude Beloved with the Divine cloak whose threads are woven with your tears of joy as you accept this gifting and release and surrender to the Divine plan for you which is a mirror reflection of your greatest heart’s desire..


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Rebirth Beloveds — Now is the Time

I am standing on the pinnacle of creation having gestated with the eels, the most ancient of vertebrae on the planet, pulsing all around me deep within the murky depths of humanity; eons of pain, grief, rage and illusions, popping up to the surface of the embryonic fluids now to be reborn anew; the path ahead is well lit, each step forward etched in raw gold and woven into the thread of our DNA and gracefully embracing us as the Divine Cloak of our birthright as we act on our intention to make a positive difference in the world now. Now Beloveds, now~~~

As Jean Houston would say, “No more boring GOD.”

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Ask, release, trust and have faith leaving the details to Creator and “acting as if”.

I find myself going back over the dreams this past week and the signs in answer to prayers. Even now I find myself in awe of the Cosmos and how Creator God, Eagle Spirit shows up in my life. There was a time when I simply wasn’t aware and didn’t know. I sense this is true for many individuals.

Recently, I read the daily affirmative prayer in the ” Science of the Mind monthly booklet” and I quote, “And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Matthew 21:22. It goes on to say “Using affirmative prayer, treating yourself is one of the most important activities in which you can engage. When you treat yourself, you are lifting yourself into a high vibration of knowing that life is good. When this becomes a daily practice, you go from thinking you might receive that for which you are praying to knowing you will receive it.”

There is great peace in saying the prayer, the asking, and releasing it knowing it is assured. The important element of this process is letting go of the expectations of how the answer will appear. Letting go of the details and allowing ourselves to be truly amazed in the wonderful ways the Cosmos responds to us and rest assured Beloveds, our prayers are always answered. Our task is to ask, release, trust and have faith leaving the details to Creator and “acting as if.”

Namaste’, Trinity

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