Beyond Behavior~~~time for looking in our mirror

As a small business and spiritual life coach, I often find myself working with individuals who have deeply established patterns and habits which continuously sabotage their, oftentimes, well thought out plans. These individuals feel or sense something isn’t quite right, but the fear of change along with the unknown, leaves them overwhelmed or unclear as to the next step to take.

Our defenses are indeed well honed behaviors which have served us well but “if we want what we have never had then we must do what we have never done.”
So as we move forward into the next phase of our lives, what behavior or habit are you being invited to surrender in order to manifest that which you truly desire in your life? Take the time to take an inventory of your life and bless all of it and then willingly release all that no longer serves you.

Visualizing each of you fully realized~~~feel the love, Trinity

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