Small Business Coaching

Whether you have an established business and want to expand it or are intending to create the business of your dreams, small business coaching is for you!

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and enter into a “think tank environment” where possibilities are only limited to the extent of your willingness to be open and receptive to look at new and progressive ways of doing business.

  • Learn when to say “No Thanks” to some opportunities that come your way.
  • Is expansion the right use of resources and/or are you and your employees on the same page and working efficiently?
  • Empower the team you have or create a powerful “Team” of support and referral resources.
  • Identifying and integrating new income streams. “Putting your eggs in more than one basket.”
  • Innovative ways to market your business. Maneuver the advertising labyrinth.
  • Treasure mapping your future. “What do you intend to happen this year or next?”

We will pivot around the landscape of your goals embracing the possibilities, identifying the challenges, and develop strategies to address these issues. I will work alongside you, motivating and encouraging you while keeping you on track and on task.

Email now to schedule your free half hour coaching consultation session.  The duration of small business coaching is dependent upon the needs of the business owner/creator or individual, and their willingness to put the time in to see their intentions take root and grow.

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“My experience with Trinity as a coach and colleague has been positively enriching and wholeness oriented.  She has a unique approach to relationships which is encouraging, gratifying, and genuinely helpful.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing coaching, intuitive help, or just a spiritual jump start.  I consider her a profound asset in my personal, business and global interests.”
—Dan H.

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