Dreamer, Visionary, Mystical Me

“What you think of me is none of my business.”
— Terry Cole Whitaker
Trinity_Sheraden_headshot_300_pinkFor the longest time, I was told “you’re just not normal.” These four little words sent me to therapy in search of myself to discover why I was so very different. I have developed a keen sense of humor on my journey to “my normal” embracing my unique gifts and talents while honoring yours. There are no accidents in life—but rather, an infinite abundance of Divine synchronicities.

We are all teachers and students in life. It is indeed, not what happens to us, but rather, how we respond, that reflects our innate character. My path has been straight, forked, steep and at times, marshmallow soft always presenting me with the opportunity to surrender what I was to become who I am and who I have always been, a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

I have spent over 27 years in the corporate arena both in accounting and human resource management. Throughout much of this time of deep growth, Spirit beckoned, ebbing and flowing in my daily life calling me out to be my authentic self. At a point of dis-ease in my life, I said a prayer and my life went inside out and upside down. My gifts would no longer remain hidden. I could hear, see, and know things and I couldn’t explain “how.” I always knew when people wouldn’t tell the truth but this was different. Divine synchronicities abounded. People would come into my life with a new connection, piece of knowledge, a book which affected me deeply. I was awakening! More importantly, I was paying attention to the nudges and symbols being presented.

Somewhere during this time grandmother and the Cherokee Priestess Circle became a part of my life. I traveled the labyrinth of my heritage learning the traditional medicine ways and became a Minister. My life was steeped in ritual, rites of passage and ceremony along with Earth medicine rooted in a deep sense of belonging to the Mother and a respect for all her inhabitants. Beading didn’t come easy but a reverence for all things Spirit did. Prayers and blessings seemed to flow gracefully through me and continue to this day. When I answer the invitation from Spirit for ceremony, I enter into an altered state of grace. The words of Spirit gently flow through me as if Grandfather Wind himself is weaving the threads of my connection to Creator.

My quest for figuring it out led me to have more questions than answers. Somewhere along the way I simply surrendered and accepted that “not knowing” is part of each individual’s journey.

I created Global Wholeness Group offering professional massage, Cranio-Sacral and Somato Emotional Release work along with Reiki and classes. I also began attending a New Thought Spiritual Center where I became a Chaplain. Soon thereafter, I began coaching and mentoring individuals who sought me out; formed and facilitated Spiritual Circles, and participated in rituals and ceremonies. Then in a dream, I received guidance which led me to launch Peace Resides Within.

It is in answer to my soul’s longing that I now focus on sharing my journey and the wisdom garnered along the path with the intention of empowering you to take charge of your life and live the life of your dreams!

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